presenting subversion

subversion tutorial

Since subversion is going to be actively used in our team at work, I gave a presentation/tutorial on subversion to help everyone in the team to get started with it.

The tutorial covered an introduction to version control and basic day-to-day usage of subversion, including branching and merging scenarios:

  • A little bit of theory
    • Overview of Subversion
    • Subversion approach to Version Control
  • Using Subversion
    • Typical subversion usage and workflow
    • Examples using mock repository
  • Branching and merging
    • Creating branches, keeping branches in sync, merging back
    • Backing out merges
    • Resurrecting deleted items
    • Tagging

I am attaching the slides I created for my presentation. Granted, the best part of the tutorial was the hands-on demonstration I carried out on a local subversion repository I created specifically for the tutorial, but these slides might be of interest anyway, so here they are in OpenDocument format or PDF format.