decking decor

Weathered decking

Our wood decking has endured a few years of weathering. It's taken its fair share of rain and wind, including the occasional rays of sunlight and downpours of snow.

The result of this continued exposure to the elements clearly shows in this photo. The wood turned to an unattractive gray colour and stubborn mould covered its surface.

after powerwashing scrubbing decking

Some generous powerwashing and vigorous scrubbing removed most of the mould, dirt, and lichens clinging onto the wood.

after sanding decking

Sanding with an electric belt sander and a hand-powered sanding block removed most of the white wood grain and leftover lichens.

after sanding decking

Some painting with decking oil breathed new life into the decking, enhanced the natural colour of the wood, and ensured both nourishment and protection from scuff, UV rays, and water.

Polished decking

The results speak for themselves!