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fool me not

It's April Fools' Day tomorrow.

I can't wait for all those witty jokes that always appear on slashdot on this day.

mobile phones on a plane

According to this BBC article, the use of mobiles on planes flying in European airspace has been given approval by UK regulator.

I am dreading the next time I fly, I will be surrounded by annoying and loud individuals shouting inconsequential trivialities down their mobile phones.

There is no escape!!! You can't walk out the plane. You can't just get up and leave. It will be torture to be forced to listen to their conversations.

snowboarding weekend

Looking back at it, the weekend went by blindingly fast, as usual. Thinking back at everything that happened over the past three days, however, returns a different mental picture of how fun filled and action packed it was.

After giving it much consideration, I deliberated that leaving for the mountains with my friends two hours after flying back to Italy to see my family would be a bit too inconsiderate.

clean desk

It's not very often that I get around to cleaning and dusting my home desk... in actual fact, it happens all too rarely.

That's why I decided to take a picture of my desk in spotless condition. Who knows, maybe this will motivate me the next time I notice that a heap of dust has piled up all around the keyboard.

29 years old

Today I am 29 (twentynine-) years old.

Man, I'm starting to feel old.

Yes, yes, I know about my receding hairline...

look, no seatbelts!

Why on earth do people still refuse to wear seatbelts? Why on earth do people still think that they don't need to wear seatbelts when riding in the back seat?

Is it because they have never seen what happens to their bodies when the car they travelling in crashes and suddendly stops? Don't they know that their bodies will continue to travel in the same direction and at the same speed they were moving at just before the crash?

drink & drive

Every time I am in Italy, I am always shocked by how widespread the practice of drink driving is.

Drinking and driving is not just commonly practiced, but also socially accepted. Many people would go out for one or more drinks and then drive home, without even questioning or thinking about their ability to drive safely.

Even when people know they are going to have a big night out and get hammered, they do not make arrangements to have someone sober drive them home. This applies to every age group, not just young drivers.

swiss shoes

Running shoes

This is going to sound posh, but I just had to get the news out...

Today I went to Switzerland to buy a pair of running shoes. Yes, I know...

Dad knew this mall just past the Italian-Swiss border where they had good quality running shoes at discounted prices, so we drove there in the afternoon to get a bargain.

engineering an environmental graduation

... or in other words, graduating in Environmental Engineering.

Kudos to my sister Marta for sticking it out and making it through a rigorous and challenging five years of study at the Politecnico di Milano, the leading engineering university in Italy.

Hard work, challenging exams, geeky students, countless hours spent hunching over books, solving mind bending problems, and much more: this is what one has to go through to graduate in Engineering at the Politecnico.

gadgets and gifts

Christmas tree

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