scintilla presages a spark of genius

Prompter built on top of Scintilla

I'd like to share with you a precious software gem: Scintilla.

Scintilla is an amazingly powerful text editing component. I am coding Prompter, a presage based demo application, on top of the Scintilla editing control because of Scintilla's impressive features, primarily portability and autocompletion support.

As well as features found in standard text editing components, Scintilla includes features especially useful when editing and debugging source code. These include support for syntax styling, error indicators, code completion and call tips. The selection margin can contain markers like those used in debuggers to indicate breakpoints and the current line. Styling choices are more open than with many editors, allowing the use of proportional fonts, bold and italics, multiple foreground and background colours and multiple fonts.

Scintilla also comes with wxWidgets as wxStyledTextControl and wxPython as This means that I can simply write Prompter in pure wxPython using Scintilla without worrying about the target platform, and effortlessly support GTK+, Win32 or any other wxPython/wxWidgets supported platform!