predicting the future one word at a time

It's not something I usually do. It is actually something I have never done. So please indulge me for a few bytes of text.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for a shameless plug.

Soothsayer 0.4 has been released. You can head over to the recently redesigned soothsayer project website to learn more about the latest release and try it out for yourself.

Soothsayer 0.4 certainly is the best release yet. Soothsayer is starting to shape up as a very usable predictive text-entry system. It is very extensible and highly configurable.

Out of the box, it sports a limited set of resources for the English and Italian languages, but tools are provided to further train the system on additional corpora.

The abbreviation expansion predictive plugin is the most recent addition to the feature set. Even though it is strictly not a predictive plugin, it should provide a significant and convenient enhancement to the user experience.

Now, it would be great to see soothsayer integrated into some other user interface program, such as OpenMAIA or other assistive technology programs.