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Taxis in Winchester


If you ever happen to be in wonderful and historical town of Winchester, avoid using taxis if you can at all costs!

If you need to go places that are not serviced by public transportation, then I suggest hiring a car, hitching a ride, or even walking there. Anything but getting a taxi there.

The reason why I am so bitter about taxis in Winchester is that last weekend I had to use a taxi twice, and on both occasions I was appalled by the lacking unprofessional service and ridiculously high prices.

Slopes flyover

I realize what I am about to write will sound highly unlikely and quite hard to believe, but rest assured it is the truth I speak. And you do not have to take my word for it, I have evidence to back my claim.

So here it goes. A fine sunny day, I went skiing with a good old buddy of mine in ski resort close to Lecco, at the footsteps of the alps, in northern Italy. The resort, Piani di Bobbio, is admitedly not one of the best for either its slopes quality, beauty of scenery, abundance of snow, or ski-lifts' efficiency.

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