Incredible machine

I have always been fascinated by the domino effect.

Picture a complex arrangement of thousands of domino pieces, all neatly aligned and standing in an elaborate pattern.

Now imagine tipping one of those dominoes and marvel at the chain of causes and effects that bring all the dominoes down in an orderly and predictable manner.

I cannot put my finger on it, but there is something very appealing to me in long and elaborate sequences of events that cause changes to the configuration of mechanical systems by virtue of fundamental physic laws. Phew...

Anyway, I just wanted to point out a very clever video that is circulating online. A quick search for `incredible machine' on google video ought to return a number of results. Be sure to pick the original japanese made video.

I am not sure if posting a direct link to it will work indefinitely, but here it is anyway.

The creator of these incredible machines goes well beyond using just traditional dominoes.

Quite simply, the most amazing and inventive display of the domino effect I have ever seen!