Christmas forest

Christmas tree

It's that time of the year to be merry and to put up Christmas decorations.

Yesterday we happily dug out our Christmas tree and decorations and put them up in the living room.

Soon after we unboxed the tree, we not so merrily realized that it was way too small for our new apartment. It was dwarfed by the space around it and it looked more like weed sprouting out from the carpet than like a tall fir tree!

So we headed out in search of a bigger, better, taller Christmas tree. We artfully dogded a few local shops that were trying to rip buyers off, asking 300 euro for 6ft trees, and got our brand new 7ft tree from Argos.

We also purchased more lights and decorations to make sure that our new tree wouldn't look naked.

Once one, we took a picture of the two trees side by side and congratulated ourselves on the bargain. Seeing the two trees there made me think that we didn't just have a Christmas tree, but a Christmas forest!

Christmas trees

Christmas trees and me