Friday 28 September 2007


aerlingus (operating for KLM) flight to Amsterdam, nice airport, hanging around for connecting flight to India
KLM flight, quiet and surprisingly quick, spicy and excellent indian food, given this is airline food.

I couldn't believe we were in India. The flight was so smooth and uneventful that it seemed like flying to some other european destination, rather than goin\
g all the way to a foreign subcontinent.

Walking out of the airplane and through the walkway connecting the plane to the airport building revealed that we were in fact somewhere very hot. I felt th\
e warm night air and immediately wanted to get out of my heavy clothes and into something lighter.

Thankfully, the airport was air-conditioned. But this was the only modern facility the airport was equipped with. A feeling of decandence and neglect impreg\
nated the whole facility, and I felt like we were walking through an abandoned graveyard. The impression I had of Delhi International Airport would soon wor\
sen, when taking a look of the exterior. From outside, the whole airport reminded me of a site struck by heavy artillery and airborne bombing.

Before we set foot outside, however, we had to endure our first ordeal against the assaults of touts and commission sharks.