Compact Fluorescent Light bulb

I am sure you've all heard that Australia outlawed incandescent light bulbs.

I have to admit that the Australian government once again surprised me for its forward thinking and that every other country should take example from their smart and responsible move.

However, I can claim that I beat the Australians to it. Incandescent light bulbs were banned from my house before they were banned by the Ozzies.

We have installed compact fluorescent light bulbs and, lads, they're bright! The specific CFL bulbs we installed rank in at 20 Watts, producing a shiny 1200 lumens. That means that they consume five time less power than the conventional incandescent bulbs they replace, for exactly the same end result.

Compact Fluorescent Light bulb

Scrap that... for a better result! I find the light they produce more pleasant to the eyes. The light that emanates from compact flourescent bulbs is much "purer" than the light created by incandescent bulbs. By comparison, it is almost as if you can tell that the light of incandescent light bulbs is created by something burning... it has a yellowish feel to it.

CFL light bulbs shine whiter than white. Although they don't immediately reach their full brightness when turned on, they don't flicker as neon lights. So no risk of getting seasures from gazing with your eyes wide open when trying to make your way inside a room, just after turning the light on...

There has been some misinformation about CFL bulbs not being such a great thing for the environment because they contain mercury, which is an element that is hard to safely dispose of. Indeed, CFL bulbs contain traces of mercury, in such small quantities that they pose no threat. And for those who objected to a big number of CFL light bulbs piled up in landfills, all leaking mercury into the ground... I guess they have never acquainted themselves with the concept of recycling!

Let not forget to mention that compact flourescent light bulbs also have a much longer estimated life time. The ones I got are rated for 12 years, based on an average burning time of three hours per day. Their longevity alone more than justifies their greater cost compared to incandescent light bulbs.

But it is the reduced power consumption, which immediately and irrevocably translates into a slimmer electricity bill and a cleaner environment that make compact flourescent light bulbs so worthwhile. Get yours today!