Anatomy of a great day

What makes a day a _great_ day?

Well, it has to start with a healthy breakfast. I always make a point of eating healthily. Since breakfast is a very important meal, this applies to breakfast too. Breakfast was great because I had some of my favourite juice, apple juice, with my favourite cereal, sultana bran. Crunchy!

Travelling to work was great because the bus arrived as soon as I stepped out of the door. The bus stop is just across the street. The pedestrian lights turned green just as the door slammed shut, so I confortably walked and got on the bus.
I normally take the train to work. On the way from the spot where I get off the bus to the station, I pass by a different bus stop serviced by three bus routes that go by my workplace. Just as I approached this bus stop, the bus came, so I decided against the train and hopped on the bus to work.
Got to work in no time and with great nonchalance.

At work, I had a blast working on adding support for anonymous IDL types to the idltowsdl tool I am working on. I expected to have to put in a lot of work to get these new feature in, but instead it just worked after a few new lines of code. I had built a lot of intelligence into the other modules, so that the tool new how to handle this new type. That was great.

Wala was off work today so we met for lunch. We had an exquisite meal at a Thai restaurant nearby. We got a very tasty selection of starters and then two lovely main courses, followed by complementary tea or coffee. Groovy!

The afternoon went nice and smoothly at work. I worked on some interesting network security issue using OpenSSL, which I very much enjoyed. I always welcome the opportunity to learn about new technologies or improve my understanding of non-trivial concepts.

After work, I went to the gym for my usual workout. That was great because I just felt great. I will not bore you with the list of things I did, but I will say that after working up some sweat I felt even better.

Once I got back home (unusually quickly thanks to a perfect syncronization between the train and the bus home), I was pleasantly surprised to see Wala cooking up a tasty casserole dish in the oven. It was great to sit down and have dinner served.

After wolfing down all that delicious food and resting for a while on the couch, Wala and I ventured outside to the new pub that opened in our street. Ventured is not the right word, really, because the new pub opened just across the street, a 30 seconds walk from our door, right next to the bus stop I just talked about.
The Thomas House, that's the name of this new pub, is a nice and friendly place. It was quiet at first when we entered. It got more lively and packed by the time we left. Great pints of Guinness.

So there, today was a great day!